The Ballad of Colonel Anne sung by Gerlinde Achenbach with Wagstaff & Lack


More music by Wagstaff & Lack:
Julia Dansie - guitar and cajon
Lyn Gameson - mandolin
Penny Hemphill - tenor ukulele
Claudia Myatt - harp and cajon
Elizabeth Swift - whistle
Gerlinde Achenbach - guest vocalist




The Ballad of Colonel Anne
On her white charger Colonel Anne
Rides out to raise troops for her clan
Defies her husband’s loyal ban*
Sworn to a foreign king.
refrain: Colonel Anne, Colonel Anne, Colonel Anne
When Laird Angus is away
The Stuart Prince has come to stay
As Prince and Colonel are at play
Lord Loudoun plans a raid
The redcoats think they’ll have a ball
And catch Prince Charlie at Moy Hall
(But) A drummer, blacksmith and a boy
Pull off the Rout of Moy
refrain: Colonel Anne, Colonel Anne
Lord Loudoun and his merrie men
Run off in panic down the glen
Prince Charlie lives to fight again
At bloody Cullodén
Among the slaughtered on that day
Was Alasdair Macgillivray
The noblest warrior of the Clan
Beloved of Colonel Anne

Jailed by Butcher Cumberland
She risked her life and nearly hanged
But Angus came to set her free
She won her liberty
Two years on, in London town
The Colonel in her finest gown
Dances with Butcher Cumberland
The king’s bairn takes her hand.
He begs her for another dance
She says her tune’s his only chance
Beloved of Jacobites in France
Auld Stuart’s Back Again
As enemies or friends?
Can music really mend?
While in the Highlands
The memories won’t end
Dance to my tune
The Auld Stuarts Back Again
Dance to my tune
The Auld Stuarts Back Again
words by Marie Gameson/David Shirreff
*ban - a mediaeval oath of loyalty