Colonel Anne: Jacobite Heroine 

Duns Players on stage in Edinburgh


"Duns Players, that extraordinary troupe of theatricals based at the unsubstantial, often overlooked but hugely ambitious and friendly Berwickshire town, is preparing to make a splash at the Edinburgh Festival.
"Founded in the early years of the 20th century and re-launched in 2008 by the recently departed, great hero of the town, Bob Noble, Duns Players has become in recent years known throughout the Borders for its varied repertoire of freshly re-imagined classics and edgy productions of new, mainly Scottish, drama.
"Its Macbeth in 2019 was thought by the Berwickshire News reviewer to be the best rendering of the play she had ever seen, while dark and contemporary themes have been remorselessly explored in such foul-mouthed modern pieces as Glengarry Glen Ross, Gagarin Way and Broth.
"Never having been to the Edinburgh Festival but able to commute to it, Duns Players – whose ambition gave rise to DunsPlayFest, now firmly established as an annual, early May, a week-long festival of new drama – is overdue a visit."
[Reprinted from the Berwickshire Southern Reporter]

Colonel Anne's husband Angus Laird of Mackintosh is paraded as a prisoner before Prince Charles Edward Stuart

Angus discusses protocol with garrison commander Lord Loudoun

Colonel Anne dances in London with Butcher Cumberland, the victor of Culloden.

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